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Business consolidation has become the new approach of travel distribution business and consortiums are formed to negotiate better deals with suppliers and leverage them to serve clients and make profits. The traditional model was very labor & time intensive which is being fast replaced by the Technology based Solutions which allow your Sub Agents and Corporate customers to book and fulfill business whilst retaining the entire operational and financial Controls.

  • B2B Travel portal will help travel agencies for managing sub-agents and corporate customers sales activities and credit limit control.
  • Portal is integrated with GDS systems using web services and agency’s back office system for online credit limit control
  • Secured user login permissions will be provided to sub agents and corporate customers to the portal
  • Sub agents and corporate customers will be making air ticket and hotel bookings by themself and ticketing is be done thru the portal after validating credit limit from agency’s back office system
  • If the credit limit is exceeded user shall not be able to print tickets and notification email are send automatically

B2B Sub Agent - Key Features

  • B2B website for Agent login
  • Agent profiles and credit limits
  • Online credit limit control
  • Agent wise mark-ups/mark-downs
  • Staff booking tool for making bookings on behalf of the subagents
  • Auto Email/SMS Alert setup for confirmation and cancellations
  • Comprehensive accounting and payment management

B2B Corporate – Key Features

The business demand of Corporate Clients is ever increasing the Travel Consultants spend a lot of valuable time whilst serving them due to complexities involved in finalizing itineraries, applying the right travel policies and markups and meeting other needs apart from the complexities in Invoicing & Reporting. This tool provides a platform for them to handle the Corporate Requirements better and faster.

  • Can adopt implant and service based operations
  • Travel Request form Management
  • Configurable Corporate workflow
  • Online credit limit control
  • Configurable Alerts and Notification process
  • Travel policy Management
  • Corporate Operations Markup Definition
  • Corporate Operations Discount Setup
  • Approval & Workflow Management