eOrder – Web based travel order management system

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eOrder leverages the internet to streamline interactions with your corporate customers through web-based order processing and self services. eOrder is a web based order entry system for travel companies for automating the submission of Travel Orders and eTicket refund requests of corporate customers.

eOrder makes it easy for your corporate customers and their employees to serve themselves directly from a web portal – anytime, anywhere. It makes business faster and more convenient for them, and for you. Your customers have access to a wealth of features that make it easy for them to do business with you.

With eOrder your corporate customers can:

  • Submit Travel Orders online from web
  • Submit eTicket Refund Orders online
  • Automatic generation of emails. Booking clerks will receive automatic email notification when new sales or refund orders are entered by customers
  • Query status of the orders submitted and monitor efficiency
  • Role based user privileges and permissions
  • Online approvals
  • Arabic/English language support